With The Lab, we offer you innovative narrative forms that can give your productions an entirely new dimension. We have one tenet: that research and creativity are intrinsic parameters of any new audio-visual production – sure to obtain the very best quality.

  • Studio mix / original compositions

    the soundtrack, musical and effects, of a film can make all the difference. Our studio is at your service to enrich your commercials or artistic productions.

  • Aerial views

    with a range of drones adapted to the requirements of each shoot, we allow you to catch otherwie impossible aerial views.

  • Motion Design

    Motion Design is an innovative and unique tool that will single you out from rival companies. With content animation and interactive visuals, you will send a message with impact and fully adapted to your brand image.

  • 3D-graphics

    We offer electronic artwork, 3D simulations of aerial views, shoot position visualisation, and geographic mapping…

  • Graphics

    TV idents and logos, special digital and video effects on all standards of video material.